The following is a curated selection of recent projects. If you’re looking for something in specific, contact us and we can provide you with more samples.

Allie Stark Wellness

San Francisco, CA, United States

Allie Stark is a life coach, speaker, podcast host and inspired entrepreneur.

Her work is centered around the idea of Reclaiming Your Instinct—a practice focused on quieting the clamor of social training in order to realign with one’s own truth.


The design process for this project began with an outside designer's Photoshop comps as a guide to the design direction. Naturally, things shifted as we started getting actual content on pages, and getting them situated for different devices. It was challenging to get all the different aspects to work harmoniously.

Allie added a podcasting section, midway into the build, so we explored different methods for serving that up, through WP plugins and crafting some custom code. It’s always interesting when something out of the ordinary gets added to the mix.


  • Website Design and Development
  • Style guide
  • PHP customization


Santa Cruz, CA, United States

A startup looking to connect people with in-home care and their loved ones.

We were brought in to update the look-and-feel of this new app, still in development. The engineering team had done a great job getting the backbone of things in place but hadn’t tested it much with actual people.


We worked closely with their UI/UX team to help solve problems and suggest screen layouts and workflows. A lot of assumptions had been made about who would use the product and how, but through testing and prototyping, we found solutions that fit for a larger audience.

It was exciting to see all the pieces come together into a cohesive product.

We also helped with their branding which needed an update, and we created a style guide to help keep them on track and consistent.


  • Product Design and Development
  • Branding/Identity

Waypoint Strategy

San Jose, CA, United States

Waypoint Strategy is a consulting service specializing in building high performance teams and organizations.

This is a great example of a minimal site that had a very tight budget and deadline. In cases like this we work with the client to review samples and rough layouts in order to clearly establish a look-and-feel guideline, and before building.


If we can zero in on a targeted strategy, we can beign the design and building simultaneously, right in WordPress by using pagebuilders and editable modules with global settings, so that it is effecient and nimble enough to make sitewide changes with only a few edits.

The client had provided a DIY logo, that was appropriate, but not ready for prime time. We discussed what he really wanted the logo to represent and we developed a new logo, with a complete set of use cases, and file types for him to use in promoting his new business.


  • Website Design and Development
  • Branding


San Francisco, CA, United States

Quberu is a San Francisco startup that provides a cloud-based platform for international trade and transactions.

With no designers on board, they came to me, by word of mouth, to have me craft their entire branding strategy and to develop guidelines for their print and online presence.

We created a unique mark that is easily recognizable and adapts well to various applications. We had explored many themes, but kept returning to the image of a coin, which we felt was an apt representation for accounting and transactions, without being too literal.



Having designed the logo, we built a branding guide and applied this philosophy to the designs for the website, presentations, communication materials and more. We included a set of recommended images to use and a set of icons for technical diagrams and as stand alone artwork.

We designed the website and provided guidance to their dev team on how to get it dialed in just right, using the branding guide and some marked up files, and mockups for some landing pages as well.


  • Branding/Identity
  • Website Design and Development
  • Infographics
  • Print
  • Products

Capstone Art

San Jose, CA, United States
London, UK

Capstone Art sells original, custom, and on-demand artwork to designers, decorators and institutions.

They had been using an off-the-shelf service to display their catalogue of artwork online, but felt trapped by the lack of support and customization and frustrated by the awkward user interface.

We suggested building a catalogue using WordPress and WooCommerce – basically an online shop without the shopping cart. Since WordPress is easy enough to learn, especially for anyone with blogging experience, it would be easy for them to maintain and update, without having to write a single line of code.


We made the mobile experience as clean and easy to navigate as possible, while still including robust search and content filtering, keeping the real focus on the artwork itself. The site is crammed with features, like membership registration, wishlists, and dynamic Ajax search.

We knew that searching and filtering the huge array of pieces was key, and we implemented wishlists so visitors could curate their own selections and share them.

With such sweeping changes to the rollout, Capstone Art felt an update to their branding was appropriate, so we helped them work up a new logo that would serve the new sites and marketing efforts.

Then we rolled the whole thing out again for the UK site, customizing the language used not only on our content, but also the installation of WordPress and WooCommerce. A complete custom localization.


  • Website Design and Development
  • E-commerce Shop
  • Branding

At Home With Growing Old

San Francisco, CA, United States

A local non-profit organization commited to the experiences of later life, housing and the aging community.

The request was to keep the spotlight on the events, writing and links and to keep other distractions to a minimum. We felt the use of black and white photography really helped set a serious and focused tone for their branding, while taking a back seat to the featured content.


We created a design system for their branding and website that could be extended to print and presentations as well. With a limited palette and a library of curated photos, a unified theme was well defined.

There is not yet an application in the works, but we were informed that there might be soon, so we made sure that the website designs worked superbly for mobile in case we wanted to leverage some of that into the app development later on.


  • Website Design and Development
  • Branding + Style Guide
  • Print